We all know what I’m talking about: that dewy, fresh complexion that looks a little bit plump and actually is, literally, glowing. What IS this luminosity?! How can we all achieve it?! While it can seem like this glowy-effect is reserved in life for those that grace red carpets, magazine covers or our Pinterest boards, it’s actually the visible effect of a healthy moisture balance, and in this post I’ll explain specifically how it works – and how you can have it for your own.

When we take a look at each other’s skin, or our own, there are lots of factors that are affecting the way it looks to the eye: the light conditions at the moment, the quality and tone of that light, makeup, actual skin tone, and the smoothness of the surface of the skin. 2 things that directly affect the way our skin looks is 1) the presence of dead skin cells, and 2) the hydration factor. Happily, these are both things we can control!

What we want is skin that reflects light, not that scatters it. A complexion covered in a layer of dead skin scatters light rays, and looks dull to the eye. Skin that has been cleared of dead skin (exfoliated) and has been properly moisturized actually reflects light more easily and appears more translucent. It actually does glow. Plus, skin that has an intact moisture barrier has cells that are lined up evenly, allowing light to reflect. Plus, that rosy tint is brought to the skin because the blood vessels are more visible beneath the epidermal layer.

That may all sound like a bunch of complicated skin jargon, but it makes sense – skin that’s clean of deadness has new, fresh cells exposed to the world, and when they are in the proper alignment, they allow light to reach further into the skin and be reflected all the more. So it’s not all about layering on the bronzer: exfoliate away dead skin cells daily (Tata’s daily ritual is to do this AM & PM with our Regenerating Cleanser, and she does a more intense treatment once a week with our Resurfacing mask) and do everything you can to ensure your skin is properly hydrated – and you’ll be radiant.

May we make a few suggestions for prime moisturizing habits? For one, “cocktailing” our Hydrating Floral Essence and one of our Moisturizers (Repairative or Rebuilding, whichever one you’re more fond of) in your hand and then applying together will help guarantee that all of the rich and hydrating humectant ingredients and olesomes penetrate to the deeper layer of your skin, where your natural hydration production happens. The natural Hyaluronic Acid in our Floral is biocompatible: it’s low molecular weight means it can get down into the deep dermis and can balance and stimulate your own HA production, which = moisturized skin all day long.

Other ideas: Keep your skin hydrated from the inside out by drinking lots of water all day, and try to squeeze some fresh lemon juice in there once in a while. Take extra care to keep skin hydrated during winter months, and load up the hydration during the night time – your skin will eat it up and glow upon waking!

It’s key to make moisturizing a daily thing: some people with imbalanced or oily skin are worried that lathering moisturizer on their skin will clog pores or contribute to oiliness, when in fact it can really help – as long as you are committed to helping to balance your skin’s own hydration with 100% natural ingredients that work with your skin, not for it. Sometimes our skin needs help finding its balance – that’s where our Hydrating Floral Essence, Moisturizers and Replenishing Nutrient Complex come in. They work to nourish your skin, balance it’s imbalances, and help it find its optimal hydration levels.